I’ve put together a few tips to help readers get more from their Apple Watch. This short collection should help any busy enterprise professional get more done, faster.

Where are you?

Meeting someone? Can’t find them? Begin a new Messages conversation with them (or use an existing one); open it on your Apple Watch, and tap and hold the heart icon. A set of four options should appear — select Send Location to help the person you need to meet find you.

What the taps in Maps mean

When you use Maps on your Apple Watch, the app gives you taps to assist with directions. This is what the taps mean:

  • Two rapid tap-taps in a succession of three is watchOS telling you to turn left.
  • Twelve taps means the opposite thing — just turn right.
  • Long vibration? You’ve arrived.

Power nap

The easiest way to grab a quick snooze and know you’ll be awoken without too much stress? Ask Siri to wake you in XX minutes or hours, and it will do so by gently tapping you on the wrist until you rise.

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