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An exile laborer ought to have an appropriate work license gave from his/her support.

A similar way an understudy came here for study purposes can get an Iqama https://gulf.asia/iqama-expiry/

Children and life partner of a laborer will likewise have Iqama in the event that they are consistently with him/her.

A needy like a driver, cook, and so on will likewise be qualified for an Iqama. Before applying for Iqama a medicinal test is led by any assigned clinic in Saudi Arabia – One must pass it!

On the off chance that you have subordinate under your name, at that point you are the support and your Kafeel has nothing to do with them. The business should assume the liability to give a visa.

One more thing, when a specialist is on another visa then he/she has 90 days most extreme to get an Iqama as the visa is regularly given for 90 days. A few organizations that contract experts consistently send them back before 90 days to get another stamp on a visa to work again and dodge iqama expenses as they won’t procure them for all time.

A probation period is additionally for 90 days in Saudi Arabia with the goal that the organization can pass judgment on its laborers in the event that they are qualified to have them and the other way around.

As you know now how you can check the legitimacy of your Iqama. Ordinarily, an Iqama is an issue for one Hijri year implies it is substantial for one year.

Iqama reestablishment is additionally an obligation of you Kafeel. A business needs to pay the Ministry of work (Maktab e Amal) expense to get it restored. This charge shifts according to Nitaqat classifications however in the event that it is Red, at that point there is no real way to make a restoration. Green, Yellow, Platinum, and so forth can get their Iqama restoration however not the Red status organization.

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