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Our flexible lower leg support and lightweight lower leg prop are produced using breathable neoprene. This enables them to avoid dampness development and oppose extending, while at the same time remaining lightweight and strong.

You can likewise attempt the breathable polyester and achilles tendonitis boot mix found in our trim up lower leg prop. This lightweight and solid material is ideal for throughout the day comfort, giving it a chance to fit in practically any footwear. A versatile top lash is fixed with Velcro for customizable weight and a safe fit, while a breathable work lining keeps skin new. Combined with steady figure 8 ties, it is ideal for pressure and flexibility.

The bamboo charcoal mix found in our pressure sleeve augments lightweight adaptability, and is delicate to the touch. It likewise controls temperature and gives mellow help to the lower leg and heel.


The advantage of our wrapping supports is that they are so natural to slide on and off, with Velcro ties that can be acclimated to singular needs. This makes them a decent alternative for those with growing, and makes estimating simple. They give mellow to direct help but on the other hand are sufficiently thin to fit inside most footwear.


Ribbon up supports are tied by hand up the length of the lower leg, and afterward wrapped with a couple of steadiness lashes. While they aren’t as simple to put on, the degree of help they offer is high, which makes them an unquestionable requirement for competitors and increasingly genuine lower leg conditions. Their semi-inflexible plan offers strength more prominent scope of movement, while the open-heel makes it simple to match with your preferred pair of shoes..

Pressure Sleeve

The straightforward structure of our pressure sleeve support slips on and off effectively and remains agreeable throughout the day. They offer gentle help with focused pressure and are a decent method to improve blood stream and diminish expanding in the lower leg. Wear them under socks while running or playing b-ball..

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