Customer Experience

Are You Engineering the Customer Experience Out of Your Business?

Automation. Robots. Technology taking our jobs. I defy you to pick up a business magazine and avoid this topic — it will be in there somewhere. Here’s another theme you won’t be able to avoid: the need to focus on the customer experience. These two trends are in tension much of the time. They don’t have to be, but most businesses seem determined to focus on themselves instead of the customer.

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Vendors Await $50B ‘Tsunami’ of US Telecom Contracts

The U.S. government has modernized telecom and supporting IT twice within the last 20 years — but not without controversy, delays and costly project management. A third modernization currently is under way, under the direction of the federal GSA. The potential value of contracts issued to vendors under the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions program is $50 billion over 15 years.

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